Environmental Planning

There are manifold applications of numerical simulation for environmental planning. Examples are groundwater flow simulation with transport of a contaminant in the groundwater for environmental remediation and the ground- and surface water simulation for remediation of rivers and creeks.

Important for the goal of restoration is the aspired kind of structural use after ยง9(1)1 BauGB (for Germany only). An example is given below. Therefor we offer the elaboration and evaluation of planned urban management, in combination with the remediation. Thus, the optimal goal of restoration can be elaborated during a very early planning stage.


For the renaturation of surface waters, concordant with the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD), hydraulic interdependencies with the groundwater are partially crucial for the planning of the procedure, to mention all interests within cultivated areas. Using the groundwater flow simulation, expected effects on the groundwater can be analysed during the design- and planning phase.