Numerical Simulation

For numerical simulation of fluid flow in the underground (single- and multiple-phase flow) we use various simulators, which solve the differential equations of flow, coupled mass and energy transport (temperature) using the finite difference method or the finite element method. The method will be chosen suitable for each request.

COMSOL Multiphysics® is the flagship simulator that we use for simulation of multiphysical problems. The software allows us nearly unlimited possibilities for the numerical analysis of dynamic processes. One huge advantage is that we can freely define multiple-coupled systems. Using the interfaces to programming languages C, C++ or MATLAB® ( complex functions and procedures can be considered in an appropriate way (e.g. determination of state variable dependent parameters). Our fields of application for COMSOL Multiphysics® include:

  • the analysis of laminar / turbulent, incompressible / compressible flows,
  • the analysis of single and multi-phase flows,
  • coupled with structural mechanics the study of fluid-structure interactions,
  • the investigation of questions from structural mechanics and acoustics,
  • the investigation of heat and moisture transport.

For groundwater exploration as well as for exploration and remediation of contaminated sites a variety of software solutions is established and used for groundwater flow simulation with coupled mass and energy transport. We are highly experienced with FEFLOW, MODFLOW/MODPATH/MT3D and furthermore different other programs to support our results.

The software runs on modern 64bit computers. Fileservers and raid-systems guarantee a high security standard for your data.

Numerische Simulation


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