Groundwater Modeling

Reservoir engineering is the application of Geo fluid mechanics for exploration, production and storage of fluid resources and other technically induced subsurface flow processes.

Beside the evaluation of geohydraulic tests we focus on the simulation of groundwater flow with coupled mass and heat transport. Therefore, we are able to use different simulators. The data collection is based on geological/hydrogeological models. Finally we perform the documentation of the calculated results in geographic information systems (GIS).

3D groundwater flow model

Sample applications are the 3D groundwater flow simulation (above) or the calculation of near-surface groundwater flow along path lines in a two-dimensional vertical profile (below).

model of a 2D vertical section

The figure below shows as a result the development of the time dependent depth to groundwater table as a difference between the ground surface (DGM1) and the calculated groundwater surface of an unconfined groundwater flow.

calculated depth to groundwater table