CFD Cavern Flow Model

Applying the Cavern Flow Model we are able to pursue special questions, that are relevant for leaching of evaporates (e.g. rock salt and potash) and for the construction of salt storage caverns.

Einzelkaverne, Doppelkaverne analog

The model is compiled according to the task and gets parametrized for the specific problem. The simulation model contains modules for:

  • flow simulation (laminar/turbulent)
  • mass transport of multiple salt components with solution kinetics and saturation equilibria
  • heat transport inside of the cavern and heat exchange with the surrounding rock, considering solution heat and
  • development of the caver shape.

Module des CFD-Kavernenströmungsmodells

Highly specialised approaches facilitate the simulation of brine flow with coupled salt- and energy (heat) transport in single well and double well caverns and futhermore the simulation of heat exchange with the host rock. For instance double well caverns are used for potash mining and enable the leaching of the typically flat potash seams.

CFD-Simulationsmodell einer Doppelkaverne


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